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Movie : Super Power - Full Movie Wu Tang Collection

Fast Video Super Power - Full

Director: Lam Chin-Wai
Cast: Billy Chong, Hau Chiu Shing, Wong Chi Ming,

A dying Manchu kung fu fighter sends his three sons on a mission of revenge against the five Southern champs who defeated and humiliated him a generation ago. The three Manchus enter the town where the old champs live and begin challenging and fighting an unprepared group of once-powerful martial artists and their sons. They e not averse to underhanded tactics such as setting two families against each other. After his counterparts in the other families take some serious beatings, Billy is forced to take a crash course from a noted teacher in North and South Eagle styles as well as Horsehead Fist. Only then, is he able to confront each of the three Manchu fighters in a martial arts finale like no other!

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