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Movie : The Young Moon Legend - Full Movie Wu

Fast Video The Young Moon Legend

Director: Wong Yu
Cast: Meng Fei, Ling Yun, Wang Kuan-Hsiung, Sek Fung, Yang Guan-Guan

The people living in the coastal areas are under constant threat from raids by pirates. The government enlists the help of a martial arts sect, Jade Sword Manor (玉劍山莊), to deal with the pirates. The elimination of the pirates, however, pave the way for the rise of a formidable pirate king, Heavenly King Shi, who becomes the new threat on the seas and with the Jianghu. He is not only powerful in martial arts, but also extremely elusive and unpredictable. For example, he has six decoys to help him mask his true identity. "Mr. Du", the mysterious female leader of Jade Sword Manor, comes up with a plan to eliminate Heavenly King Shi. She asks the government to bestow the title of a princess on her daughter, Xinyue, and pretend to offer her daughters hand-in-marriage to the pirate king to appease him. Xinyue, now known as "Princess Jade Sword", will then find an opportunity to assassinate him. By chance, Chu Liuxiang meets Xinyues biological father, Jiao Lin, who seeks his help in finding his long-lost daughter. However, things become complicated when he learns that "Mr. Du" has recruited his best friend, Hu Tiehua, to help her escort Xinyue safely to the pirate king. As news of the planned marriage spread like wildfire throughout the Jianghu, more parties get involved. Chu Liuxiang encounters Ishida Hitoshihiko-Saemon, a Japanese ninja master seeking vengeance on Heavenly King Shi for stealing his concubine, Baoji. At the same time, Baoji, fearing that she will fall out of Heavenly King Shis favour after he marries Xinyue, has sent her assassins to kill Xinyue.Although Chu Liuxiang starts a romance with Xinyue, who also pledges her love to him, she eventually marries Heavenly King Shi. On their wedding night, she successfully distinguishes the real Heavenly King Shi from his six decoys and assassinates him, thus completing her mission and restoring peace to the Jianghu.

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