Loadedbaze Media as always been the home of videos and movies downloading , We are Getting alot of notices and complain about users not able to download their desire movie on Tv Series, Hollywood, Bollywood, Animated and so on.

Our aims of creating this page is to get our fans alert of the impossibility of not been able to download movies on our website, and to updates them about the recents change in downloads designs and the ways movies is been saves and uploaded on our platform

Sample of Warning Message

How to Download Movie On Loadedbaze

  • On the Download Page

  • Click Download Movie

  • The Page will either reload / Show download button

  • Click The download button (With Size of the Movie

  • Your Download will start Immediately

You can follow the pictorial representation of this Step below..

Step 1

Click The Button that says "Download The Movie" OR "I Understand, Download Movie"

Step 2

The Page will reload / The actual download link will show up.

Step 3

Click on the Download Button, and the file will start downloading..

How To Download Subtitle
We understand at time most of movies uploaded might not been translated in english or you need most other prefer language subtitle to movie you desire, well we are trying our possible best to make users navigate very easy and fast on our platform.

NOTE: All Download buttons on Myloaded.com shows the exact file size in MB, GB or KB as the case may be of the exact file, in cases where there is no file size, just know the files are not around our server or we will try to get you a download link if clicked.


Have any questions? Requests to make or contributions, use the comment box below and we will appreciate it...

Written: 2019-Mar-20; Read: 2608 times