The Warehouse

This section is what could be described as lazy, but for the sake of things I'll call it convenient instead, much nicer word. The warehouse is organised in sections so it should make it easier to find what you are looking for. If you can find something and are sure it should be here somewhere then feel free to E-mail me. I'll respond as soon as possible. The files are distributed in zip format and an unzipping utility will be required to access them. A link to EnZip is provided on the right.

Category name Description
Creatures This contains a myriad of additions and downloads for Creatures 1, 2 and 3. Some of this may be moved back to my main site if my interest in the game resumes.
The Sims Skins, wall and floor files. This is all brand new, yet interest in the game waned fairly quickly for me. I have also created a few additional add-ons for the sims such as houses and other skins but haven't added them here. Main reasons are that head files are hard to identify or that the quality of the work is too poor.
Rollercoaster Tycoon A few tracks designed for the game.
The Files
Creatures To top
Name Category Sub-category Description File size
Bioball C3 Agent Keeps the ship's bioenergy levels high. 6.23KB
Jelly Machine C3 Agent The Jelly machine is back and more fun than before. With even more varieties of Jelly to choose from, and an almost infinite selection of colours, this Jelly Machine will keep your norns entertained. 5KB
Rain Maker C3 Blueprint Cause lots of rain in the norn home. 810b
No-rain C3 Blueprint Stops rain in the norn home should you so wish. 808b
Rescue me please C3 Blueprint Activates a teleport and spirits a norn away should they need it. 1.24KB
Bun Vendor C2 COB Vends a small tasty bun for your norns. 5.39KB
Jelly Vendor
C2 COB Vend cool bouncy jelly snacks. The large version is bigger, slower and more impressive than the fast, sleek yet more boring small version. 3.96KB/429KB
Candle C1 COB Provides warmth and comfort to a passing norn. 1.47KB
Punch and Judy Show C1 COB That old seaside favourite for your norns. It may be a British thing so Americans may not understand, yet get it anyway. 22.9KB
New Computer sprites 1.0 C1 COB Replaces the computer screen saver with flying toasters. 9.77KB
Fountain 1.0 C1 COB Designed for Terra Nornia It brightens up the corridors and gives a sound of splashing water to the tunnels. 69.6KB
Suicide norns 1.0 C1 Gene For these norns bad is good. Although about as suicidal as a normal norn isn't, these norns will be punished for doing something good and rewarded for bad. Slap and tickle will still have the same effect, (Although the norn will like pain) but left to their own devices the norn will kill themselves slowly. 26KB
Happy norns 1.0 C1 Gene My favourite, happy norns survive primarily on happiness. These norns take their health directly from their drives, with NFP being the main effector. A quick tickle can replenish their energy, but they'll be dead in a few slaps. These norns need constant attention, but with a loving owner they should never die. Because of this I believe that they are ideal for young children. There are two varieties. 103KB
Hierarchy norns 1.1 C1 Gene Hierarchy norns are my most advanced creation.They have a hierarchy of needs, so that eating is more important than play, and breeding is more important than cooling down. This means the norn should behave more realistically, and should have better survival instincts. 52.6KB
Jazz Grendel C1 Breed Okay, the graphics are terrible, there are few changes and frankly the whole thing smells slightly of something you wouldn't even want to see in the bathroom. But this was done as an experiment and at the time there were no other grendle graphics available. A brief announcement was made on alt.games.creatures and only one person took them up. As a result the paled away into obscurity and were forgotten. But here they are should you want them. 108KB
The Sims To top
Name Description File size
Tile and wall pack This contains a selection of walls and tiles which were originally going to be released separately. Then I gave up and bundled them together. 647KB
Skin Pack A selection of simskins. These skins are varied and one is out of date. (A football strip) Yes overall I am pleased with their quality and a number of the skins have become my overall favourite. 405KB
Rollercoaster Tycoon To top
Name Category Description File size
Track selection Tracks Okay I'm too lazy to check the contents and pack them separately. This contains a selection of four RCT tracks. 2KB

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