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This section has become ridiculously clunky by my attempts to update it over what have been vast changes in my life. Take everything written here with a grain of salt until I can re-write the whole thing.

This page tells you anything that you may wish to know about be and then some. To be honest I don't really expect you to read this bit, although the contacts bit may be useful, the rest however isn't. For convenience I have split this up into multiple sections which makes it easier to read.

Contact Information
My Life


My name is James Glover although you may know me as Jasp. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was born on 23rd August 1984. My parents live in South West England in Wiltshire, and I still try and get home at Christmas and any other extended holidays.

Academic and Work

Last year I finished a degree in the Natural Sciences, in which I specialised in genetics. From here I have begun a four year course in Ediburgh and the MRC Human Genetics Unit. The first year of my course is held in rotation, meaning I'll conduct research in three different labs in the unit to for a masters. Following this I shall settle down in a single Lab for the next three years, after which, if all should go to plan, I will be awarded with a PhD.


Well now the boring bits are out of the way I'll tell you a bit about my interests.

I am a member of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), and after a long period of absense for financial and time reasons I have once more got involved in Edinburgh.

Other interests include IT and I run a very successful web site called Jasp's Place with thousands of adoring fans. Well that's what I'm working towards anyway. In fact IT partly decided my career path as it introduced me to Creatures which ignited my interest in Biochemistry. Although I enjoy IT it will always have to remain a hobby as otherwise it would become a job, which begins to remove the fun from it. It's a shame because I have a few ideas for games that could be really interesting but would be too difficult to make as a hobby. Besides, despite my best plans I have never got round to learning a decent programming language. (Again, maybe later eh!)


When I first wrote this section things were nice and simple. However since then I have moved twice and to write anything here would just get overwhelmingly confusing. Also at the moment things are still fairly new up here in Edinburgh. Although I've got to know lots of people now we are all still in the 'Exploring the city' stage, thus any attempt at a description of a typical evening would be doomed to failiure.


Some would called it mad, others would call it eccentric. I prefer the latter as the earlier implies that there's something wrong. Likewise with sense of humour I prefer the word unique over none. But seriously now, I'm not really one to judge my personality as obviously one's internal impression of oneself is different to the external impression. So here are some genuine unedited quotes of what other people say:
"James is caring, funny, optimistic + a complete computer geek " - Holly Read
"James is a cool guy who works in Alldays." - Tom Price
"James is a wonderfully random small person" - Emily Noel
"James is as unique an individual as I have ever met" - Helen Bleakley
"He just is isn't he (Ahhh bless him)" - Rebecca Walker
"Sometimes James could be described (with varying degrees of success) as a slightly presumptuous, manic small fair haired, intellectual being. The intellectualism is countered by the fantastic (occasional) lack of common sense and the complete lack of an internal editing system. Must of us see things and say nothing about it. James often sees things partially funny to him and remarks on them, often things the rest of us decided, no, I won't say that, that's stupid. James's bravery in commenting on the world he lives in provides interesting, and occasionally very funny insights into his slightly scary mind.


However, more than anyone I know he deserves a tango megaphone for commenting everyone should meet James at least once in their life" - David Holland

I suppose you must consider upon reading that that my E-mail requesting help was entitled 'can you help me' and was sent via my address book to people who I thought wouldn't mind receiving it. So there is a bit of bias there I guess.

I will say that I am generally happy, and would hope I appear trustworthy. I always try to be open and honest as one thing that bothers me the most is when I feel people have me wrong. I also tend to think a lot, even in conversation with someone. This often leads to jumps in conversation which appear odd to those around me, and sometimes results in me continuing the conversation from a point in my thoughts as if everyone could hear my thoughts. (This is the reason. Honest.) But overall I hope people see me as a nice guy.

I have a problem when describing my beliefs in one word, as I certainly don't follow a faith and the word agnostic can sound like you haven't bothered thinking about it, or don't want to make up your mind 'to keep your options open later.' I certainly don't fall into these categories and usually set upon the world from and atheist point of view. I do believe that the universe can be explained without the need for a god, (I don't believe we have done so, or necessarily that we ever will.) yet as the universe is a completely enclosed system (Or at least if you treat it as such) there is no way of telling if there is a higher degree of organisation outside. However I do believe that even if we find our universe is merely a subsection of something greater, that something greater will ultimately be formed from simple laws and systems combining in self-sustaining systems to produce complex phenomena, which brings me back to an atheist view point, just one (Or more) steps further on in a hierarchy. I have lots of interesting theories which are probably full of holes and almost certainly don't work from first principals. Despite this I may eventually get round to publishing some of those theories here. As to the meaning of life, well I've known that for years, it's...(Well that would be telling.) But in all seriousness I don't believe there is a meaning in life as such, other than what we make it. I know that sounds cheesy or an excuse from morals and to some it may even sound blasphemous. If that's the case I apologise and say that I do not see this as any excuse to kill, steal or generally show no care for others. I believe a moral conscience can exist independent of a god although I do not believe that evil is an absolute and that what is evil is very much a product of environment.


Just another outdated section that I shall re-write soon.

My life

As I now have a fully fledged Blog this section is no longer required. The entries that could previously be found here now reside in the archives of said Blog.

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