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There are many questions that man has search long too answer and some answers he'll never find. Here at Jasp's Place we have attempted to answer just a few of these questions with the mystical power of the internet search engine. First up...

Is the internet good, or evil?

This question has been argued in the media since the world wide web first appeared. The 'Daily Mail' would have use believe that the internet is full of satan worshippers, paedophilles, porn and warez. (Hmmm, those words will undoubtedly raise the impressions on this page!) Yet anyone who understands the internet know that in fact it's full of adverbs for mini video cameras. We put the question to Alta Vista to find whether the internet was good or evil. To conduct this study I used the search strings, "good", "evil", "devil" and "god".

Good evil graph

Well there we have overwhelming evidence showing that the internet is ultimately good. We no longer have to fear that the internet will created satan worshipers and murderers but instead that it will create priests and charity workers. This clear force of good is a great benefit to our society and the internet should be braced by all religions. (Except satan worshipers or those that support throwing kittens onto railways. [Note: Kittens must only be thrown on railways in the case of logic powered trams])

Is the internet Black, or White?

Nothing in this world is black or white, but does that include the internet. Our researcher, myself, asked Google this question. The results showed 56,200,000 hits for black and 36,600,000 hits for white, making the internet an overwhelming shade of grey. In fact the colour tends towards black slightly. And for the first time ever I can reveal the shade of the internet:

As this!

What colour is the Internet?

Researches recently announced that they had discovered the colour of the universe, and found it to be a stylish blue. In fact they got it wrong due to an error in their program and it turned out to be beige. (Seriously!) Though here, Jasp's Place is proud to announce! The colour of the internet!

#1 Internet purple

Remember, Deulx promise to match any colour, so direct them here and demand they produce internet purple for your delectation. The hit results (according to go ogle) were as follows: Red=34,200,000 Green= 23,900,00 Blue= 25,600,00 which I converted to the hexcode 69494E.

Some people have asked how I arrived at this number. Firstly I decided that I would use a total of 256 points of colour which could be distributed between the three colours. This meant that the internet couldn't be white, but was rather the a mix of the colours in their proportions, with a single pure colours at the extremes and a grey in the middle. I then found each colour as a proportion of the total and then found the equivalent proportion of 256. Tada, I had my RGB values which could be converted to hexadecimal to produce the colour of the internet.

Can you see the wood for the trees?

Pie graph

The internet is supposedly cluttered with information, that you can't find what you want, that you can't see the wood for the trees if you like. To attempt to either prove or dispell this myth we asked goggle the same question. Our findings are reproduced nearby.

Clearly the internet is too crowded. Also interestingly it appears to be depressed, as research has shown that depressed people are literally unable to see the wood for the trees. If shown a photo of a forest, those suffering from depression tend to focus in on the detail, such as trees, whereas happy people take in the whole scene.

Are surfers people of the day or night?

All cultures place some relevance on the transition between day and night, (Okay. I have no evidence to back that up but it would seem a little odd not to. Come on it happens twice a day and is responsible for so much.) so we thought it would be interesting to find out if net users were people of the night or day. We put the question to Goggle and found a staggering Day:Night ratio of 863:300 showing that there is a clear majority of non-vampires on the internet and it means that the mean net time is about 9'o clock in the morning.

And in the same vein I had this submitted by Holly Read who's a friend of mine.

"i asked the internet "should i stay or should i go?" and it found 17,000,000 matches for "stay" and 109,000,000 matches for "go" concluding that the internet thinks i should stop wasting my time and go do something more productive than conducting random tests on it. what an unwelcoming internet. good site btw, c u soon, love hol"

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