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Personal Questions

  1. Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions?
  2. Why Jasp?
  3. Height?
  4. Hair colour?
  5. Eye Colour?
  6. Weight?
  7. Favourite food?
  8. Most embarrassing situation?
  9. Time you've been most scared?
  10. What do you write you're webpage in?
  11. What's you're favourite band?
  12. Do you listen to much music?
  13. Are you single?

Personal Questions

Q. Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions?

A. Yes! Definitely. Move away from the personal questions section immediately. They are called personal questions for a reason. Only joking. Read ahead, if there is anything else you want to ask then do so, if it's very personal don't be too surprised if you get a cryptic answer. /\Top

Q. Why do you seem to have the nickname Jasp online?

A. Well that would be simple to answer if my name was Jasp or even Jasper but it's not, it's James. The name originates from when I first got on the internet back in August 1997. (Imagine your vision going shimmery at this point.) My Dad set up the web account which was going to be for the whole family, and only had one E-mail address. As glover@zetnet.co.uk had probably gone already, my Dad instead registered, jasp.glover@zetnet.co.uk. The jasp was derived from the first letter of the name of each of the five members of the family. Q.Five? Well, you see, both mine and my Dad's names begin with J and so they were both condensed down into one letter. When I got online I adopted the user name Jasp on many services for convenience and it stuck. As I got older I began less concerned about using my real name but Jasp is still more convenient for user names and so I haven't abandoned it. /\Top

Q. What is your height?

A. What sort of an odd question is that? I'm deceptively short, that is I look shorter than I actually am. I guess that's my light build. I don't know exactly how tall I am, strangely I don't measure myself all that often./\Top

Q. What colour is your hair?

A. Why are you so bothered about what I look like all of a sudden? Are you planning to assassinate me? Well I have blond hair, and here is a freebie, it's reasonably short and spends most of it's time sticking out at odd angles. (Update: Well Its now slightly longer. Mainly as I can't be bothered to get a haircut) I blame it on the mad scientist genes kicking in, hence It'll be bright white soon. /\Top

Q. What colour are you're eyes?

A. A rather uninteresting blue. Yes, I know, I look young for my age, have blond hair and blue eyes and a small build. It's pathetic I know but I guess it must have it's purposes, at least I'll hopefully look 40 when I'm 90. /\Top

Q. Okay this will be the last question about your appearance, how heavy are you?

A. As long as it's the last one. I think I'm going to have to report you to someone, this can't be natural. Well I'm dangerously light, I can't remember the exact weight but I think it was about seven and a half stone although am gaining in weight./\Top

Q. What's your favourite food?

A. Ack! I have no idea. I'm not very good at this am I. I'm one of those people who really enjoy food, and there are only a few foods I don't like. I'm particularly fond of garlic bread, sausages, strawberries, chocolate, chicken and Kettle Chips./\Top

Q. What's the most embarrassing situation you've been in?

A. Hmm. I'm not one to get embarrassed easily, although I probably do plenty to embarrass myself. I have a few stories from my past that some would consider embarrassing but that I just see as part of me. One such time was while I was at the supermarket with me Nana (Grandmother). We were at the cheese counter and she took one of the que tickets and handed it to me telling me to 'keep it safe.' (Unfortunately she didn't ask me to 'Keep it secret, keep it safe' otherwise it would instead be thrown into the cracks of doom and not up my nose.) I did so by rolling it into a little ball and stuffing it up my nose. When later she asked me where I had put it I told her. I was rushed home and after numerous attempts to have it removed with tweezers failed, I had to be taken to hospital to have it removed./\Top

Q. What's the time you've been most scared before?

A. Hmm. I have a few contenders, but I'll mention the most personal ones. In 2001 I was scuba diving in open water for about the second time in my dry suit and so was still a little unfamiliar with it. As it came to the end of the dive we stopped before assent to deploy the SMB (Surface marker buoy. Tells the boat where you'll be surfacing and also acts as a guide for ascent.) As I waited I felt myself becoming more buoyant and I attempted to empty all my air, although still had problems keeping down. I had a lack of weight you see. So even with my air dumped I was slightly buoyant. I hadn't noticed while fining as subconsciously I was constantly fining slightly downwards to counteract it. But obviously you can't do this while stationary. The SMB was deployed and I got myself under control and signaled okay to continue. Unfortunately, as I raised myself to the horizontal to move upwards the air rushed to my legs. As a result I couldn't dump any remaining air as the dump valve is situated at the top. I began to gain speed and so exhaled and tried to find downwards. I didn't manage to fin fast enough to counteract the movement and I began to gain height on my buddy as they passed into the gloom. Had I my wits fully about me I could have sent myself into a forward roll, but instead I tried to counteract the movement. I managed to keep my buddy at the verge of sight until I surfaced feet first and managed to roll myself back round. I had actually maintained a reasonably slow ascent speed, and the main contribution to the difference between the surfacing time (Shorter than it felt) was due to the delay between the beginning of each ascent. Still, it was rather scary seeing them fade into the distance. (Note: A re-read of my log book reveals that I wasn't actually wearing a dry suit so I completely fail to see how I achieved this.)/\Top

Q. What do you write your webpage in?

A. I thought I said this was personal questions. Q. Oh go on. Since were here. A. Oh okay. I stole this question from someone else's FAQ. Apparently every website has an answer to this question and all are just as tedious as the last. For this reason I won't break with tradition. I tend to hand code my HTML as that way you can achieve more control and get much more detailed layouts. It also raises the geek factor which I dramatically need raised as I don't know C++. However I don't go the hard core way and use Notepad (Although I used to) Instead I use a program called HTML-Kit which provides colour coding and also provides a few useful shortcuts. You can get a copy of HTML-Kit, from Chami it's freeware and I recommend it. /\Top

Q. What's you favourite band?

A. Well if you limit it to current bands then I feel I'm going to have to answer Oasis, who definitely hit a high with '(What's the story) Morning Glory' though are still achieving in 'Heathen Chemistry.' I have heard people say that HC is very similar to 'The Beatles' and have to agree on some level but completely fail to see why that should count as some kind of problem. If we can't be inspired by others then that limits the best we can achieve, to take inspiration from another source isn't a bad thing. But of all bands past and present 'Queen' would win, although I'm not saying they are flawless./\Top

Q. Do You listen to much Music?

A. Traditionally no, although as my MP3 collection grows this is tending towards yes. For example, at the moment I have Winamp running in the background cycling randomly through my play list./\Top

Q. Are you single?

A. I think you misunderstood this section. It's for frequently asked questions. (Hehe. No don't worry, I'm not depressed or anything, people who know me will get the tone with which this should be read and the way in which it should be taken.)/\Top

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